ZipIt WinXP Setup

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To configure XP with a WiFi card to be an adhoc network node on IP address

  1. Control Panel: Network connections
  2. Select Wireless Network Connection item on the Network connections dialog
  3. right click, select properties from the pop-up menu
  4. Click on General tab
  5. scroll list until you see Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) - select it and click Properties button
  6. select Use the following IP address radio button
  7. Set the IP address to
  8. Set Subnet Mask to
  9. Set Default Gateway to
  10. Do not set DNS server addresses
  11. Click OK
  12. Now click on the Wireless Networks tab on the Wireless Network Connection Properties dialog
  13. click Advanced Button
  14. Click on Computer-to-computer (adhoc) networks only
  15. checkmark Automatically connect to non-preferred networks
  16. click close button
  17. Click Add... button on Wireless Network Connection Properties dialog box
  18. On the Wireless network properties dialog, click the Association tab
  19. Enter ZIPNET as the SSID
  20. Network Authentication set to Open
  21. Data Encryption set to Disabled
  22. click ok

Done. Now see if it is setup correctly:

  1. Doubleclick the Wireless Network connection item on the Network Connections Dialog
  2. click on the View Wireless Networks button on the Wireless Network Connection Status dialog
  3. Refresh network List

You should see ZIPNET Connected in the Choose a Wireless network list