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Pre-Launch Questions

Group J LO

<insert picture of jennifer lopez here at later date>

surprisingly, that picture is under public domain because it was shot by a service man... you learn something new everyday

Describe Your Group

Describe your group. What are the interests and skills of your group members. Give a small bio here to help people get to know you.

What do you hope to gain by participating in this challenge?

Enhancing our understanding of Linux, and testing our own abilities while hopefully learning something along the way

IRC #beagle oliverz(Oliver), jyen(Jack), larryz(Larry)

Where are you located, and what hours do you tend to work?

We are all located in North/Northwest Campus area, and love to work odd hours Larry, Oliver, and Jack are all also working/co-op in some capacity, so may have time blocked off because of that as well

What is your project?

The BeaglePhone

Project Description

Short 10-20 sentence description that tells readers:

Basic Premise - Load Angstrom on TI Beagleboard Set up SIP server details etc to connect a GV account to the board, and then connect a hardware phone/headset in order to use it as a VOIP phone


  1. get a call thru
  2. get a phone hooked up via USB or other method
  3. switch from ethernet connectivity to wifi
  4. attach monitor to create a visual gui
  5. webcam integration if possible
  6. bluetooth capabilities
  7. additional functionality (ie previous call lists) to be accessed via a button

Project Scope

We have planned out several stages, and after just stage 3, we feel like this project will have been a success.

We are all EE or CE students in the 3rd or 4th years of our studies at UT Austin, and have a wide range of experiences among the 3 of us.

What license(s) does your project use?

For code written for this project, we will use GPLv2. When the project is based on an existing open source package, the license of that package will be used.

Existing code is primarily GPLv2 and all kernel code should be so. Some developers use other FOSS licenses, such as MIT, LGPL, etc. There are some TI codecs available for use on the platform that are provided under publicly-available binary-only licenses as well as other binary firmware builds distributed as part of the Linux kernel, but these are discouraged from being used as part of any student project.

Generally you should avoid using the GPLv3 license if possible.


  • zhou.oliver at
  • ckrston at
  • larrylzhao at


  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2
  • Feature 3

Pictures & Videos

Video your design working and upload to YouTube with link here:

Videos can be embedded directly into the wiki using the EmbedVideoPlus extension. For documentation on this extension, please see

Usage Instructions

Include any instructions that a user will need if they try to reproduce your project. This might include instructions on installing some piece of software, compiling something, or hardware assembly.

Source Code

  • Please upload all source and project files. Source code and be uploaded directly to the wiki, but larger projects may benefit from being posted externally on sites like or