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Here is some information about board farms.


At the Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2017 Andrew Murray held a BoF session titled Farming Together. The purpose of this BoF was to bring together people that are actively working on board farms to create a community, to knowledge share and to start a collaborative effort.

Add your name and contact information if you would like to be notified when an e-mail list is created, or are generally interested in this topic:

  • Andrew Murray - <amurray (at)>
  • Tim Bird - <tim.bird (at)>
  • Robert Schwebel <r.schwebel (at)>
  • Arnout Vandecappelle - <arnout at mind dot be> -- doesn't have a board farm but is interested
  • Mirza Krak - <mirza.krak (at)>
  • Alan Bennett - <alan (at)>
  • Geert Uytterhoeven - <geert (at)>
  • Andrea Scian - <andrea.scian (at)>
  • Kieran Bingham - <kbingham (at)>
  • Jan Lübbe - <j.luebbe (at)>
  • Marco Cavallini - <m.cavallini (at)>
  • Kevin Hilman - <khilman (at)>

At present the expectation is to hijack this mailing list -


Best Practices


Misc / Tools




  • spend money on USB serial adapter cables - cheap adapters sometimes drop connections and are a pain to debug
    • FTDI cables seem to work well.