CELF Korea Tech Conference

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The First CELF Korea Tech Conference were held.

It was a very successful event. The number of participants were more than expected, feedbacks were also very positive.

Presentation Material Session Description Person Company
Media:TargetBuilder-ETRI.pdf Target Builder Introduction Pyong-Jae Jung ETRI
Media:RealTime-ETRI.pdf Realtime in Linux Yong-Kwan Lim ETRI
Media:AVNetworking-LG.pdf Home AV Networking & Linux Geon-Ho Lee LG
Media:ParallelPort-LG.pdf Controlling Device using Parallel Port Hyo-Jun Lim LG
Media:ARMuClinux-Samsung.pdf Merging Linux/uClinux 2.6 & Benchmark Hyok S. Choi Samsung
Media:PowerMgmt-Samsung.pdf Low Power Linux Platform Development Min-Sung Jang Samsung
Media:JoinOpenSource-Sony.pdf How to Join Open Source Tim Bird Sony