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This page describes the CELF Project BOF, which will be held at the 2006 Ottawa Linux Symposium.

Table Of Contents:


The purpose of this BOF is to present the status of a few CELF-related open source initiatives and projects, and have an open discussion on topics of interest to CELF members and open source embedded developers in general.

Meeting Information

(Follow the people going to the OLS whisky-tasting BOF, but then drop by and talk to us)

Discussion topics

Quickie CELF Initiatives Overview

By Tim Bird

  • Tim will (very briefly) describe the initiatives and projects that CELF is directly managing and funding:
    • Linux-tiny mainlining, and bloatwatch (via Selenic Consulting - Matt Mackall)
    • UHAPI/DirectFB integration (via Dennis Kropp)
    • CELF Open Test Lab (via Nomad Global Solutions)
    • Embedded Linux Conference

CELF Test Lab demonstration

By Tim Bird

  • Basic lab infrastructure is now set up, and tests can be run remotely on multiple boards.
  • Tim will demonstrate running a test in the lab, and discuss next steps for wider deployment of the lab infrastructure
    • need more tests - specific to CELF requirements
    • need more systems - satellite nodes and the Japan test lab
    • integration with or leveraging of other Linux automated test systems.

Config Weight Size Test

By Munehiro Ikeda

  • Ikeda will describe overview of his examination to make clear config weights(impacts), which means size and memory usage increase by enabling a config item.
    • Examination tool named "Kconfig Size"
    • Current examination result summary
    • Further works plan

CABI (CPU Resource Management)

By Sugaya-san [need to confirm this]

  • Need description here.

Jamboree Report

By Satoru Ueda

Review of CELF members' project list

  • What OSS projects are CELF members working on?
  • Discuss how to connect these projects back to original OSS projects?

Annual CELF "Challenge" Item

  • We'll discuss CELF's proposal for creating a list of technology projects to focus on for the year
    • How can CELF push the projects forward?
      • Incentives - support, hardware, prizes, funding, labor?

Open Discussion

  • What projects deserve focused CELF attention??
  • Does anyone need hardware that CELF or it's members can provide?
  • Should we do a "hackfest"?