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The Consumer Electronics Linux Forum (CELF), was a California Non-Profit Corporation focused on the advancement of Linux as an open source platform for consumer electronics (CE) devices. The group was created in 2003 in a collaboration of 10 major consumer electronics companies, led by Sony and Panasonic. In January of 2011, CELF was integrated into the Linux Foundation as it's Consumer Electronics Workgroup (See CE Workgroup.


CELF was dedicated to advancing Linux through sharing information and coordinating technical activities between members and with the larger open source community. CELF had several technical working groups dedicated to key technology or product areas. CELF employed contractors to work on specific projects to enhance Linux for embedded use. All work produced by CELF and it's contractors are available under open source licenses. Also, CELF also created and hosted several conferences each year to disseminate information about Linux-related progress made by companies and individuals. CELF is also created and sponsored this embedded Linux wiki for many years.

Note that despite the "change of ownership", the organization still functions today with similar mission, goals and activities.

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CELF funded a variety of contract work each year. Here are project pages for some previous years:


These are the local pages, which may be out of date...