Devkit8000 DVSDK

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This page gives some guide and suggestions on DVSDK on Embest Devkit8000 board.

DVSDK Demonstration


1. openGL drivers support openGL ES1.0, openGL ES2.0 and openGL VR;
2. At present DVSDK supports H.264, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video decoding formats, H.264, MPEG-4 video encoding formats, mp3, AAC and RCA audio decoding formats, JPEG image decompressing format.


1. One DevKit8000 board;
2. One SD card for demonstrating DVSDK;
3. One U disk (above 256MB);
4. One DVI monitor (with one HDMI to DVI-D cable);
5. One USB HUB (with external power supply);
6. One USB mini-A to USB A (female connector) cable;
7. One serial convert cable;
8. One 5V power adapter.


1. Please input video and audio demonstration files (data folder) to U disk;
2. Connect Devkit8000 board to serial interface, USB OTG port(using USB mini-A to USB A female connector cable), HDMI interface (using HDMI to DVI-D cable) and audio interface of PC;
3. Connect USB Hub and insert U Disk to USB Hub;
4. Connect 5V/2A power adapter and insert SD card for demonstration, power on the system;
5. OPENGL Demonstration:
After system booting up, 7 demonstration program will automatically boot and display 7 different 3D cartoons, all examples are accelerated through SGX graphics accelerator;
If OPENGL has unexpected halted during demonstration, please open the serial terminal and input "ctrl+c", the OPENGL demonstration will go on;
6. DVSDK Demonstration
After OPENGL demonstration finished, please input following commands in serial terminal:
You will see video display on monitor and hear invoice from earphone, also some information from terminal during video and audio decompressing process such as video resolution, frame rate, bit rate, unilization rate of GPP and DSP, etc.

If user wants to play their own files, please input following commands after getting into system:
[root@OMAP3EVM /]# cd opt/dvsdk/
[root@OMAP3EVM dvsdk]# ./
[root@OMAP3EVM dvsdk]# ./decode -v /opt/dvsdk/data/videos/davincieffect_ntsc_1.m4v -a /opt/dvsdk/data/sounds/davincieffect_HEv2.aac -O dvi -y 2

BSP Development

DVSDK not working on Devkit8000

TI has not provided any support for Devkit8000. So how to create uImage for Devkit8000? As there is no configuration file for Devkit8000 in kernel?