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Quickstart Guide

Here are a few quick tips for working with the wiki:

Uploading files

To upload a file, click on the "Upload file" link in the toolbox in the left sidebar. Then enter the filename to upload and click submit.

Files uploaded can be presented in 3 ways to the user:

  1. an image can be inlined on the page.
  2. a page describing the file can be displayed
  3. a link can be provided to directly download the file to a client's computer

To inline an image, use the syntax: [[Image:filename.jpg]] If the image is clicked on, then the description page will be shown. To present a direct-download link, use the syntax: [[Media:filename.ext]]

For files with a well-known type, use a template to show an icon for the file type. Here is an example using the PDF template: {{pdf|media:pdf-filename.pdf|alternate text}}