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Technical Discussion: "Linux Kernel Tracer"

- by Tohru Nojiri (Hitachi)
  We'd like to open up Technical Discussion on "Linux Kerenl Tracer" from the point of view of Embedded System Developemnt like:
     - What kind of bugs do we struggle with everyday?
     - How do we analyze System Problems and debug them?
     - Is Linux Kernel Tracer helpful for us?
     - Requirements for Features of Linux Kernel Tracer from the view of Embedded System Development
     - Suggestion on Implementation of the New Features
  Prior to the discussion, We'll give you some presentation and tutoriasl on LKST, which is Linux Kernel State Tracer, in order to give you some background on Trace Tools.

Presentation Material

- LKST Presentation and Demo by Nojiri
  - Media:CELF_LKST_TechJam0605.pdf
- LKST Tutorial and Updates of SH port by Iijima-san of Lineo
  - Media:LKST_SH_Lineo_CELF_TechJam20050614Final.pdf