Japan Technical Jamboree 48

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Date: May 23rd/ 日付: 5月23日(金)
  • At Nakano Sunplaza / 於、中野サンプラザ
  • Please join "celinux-dev" mailinglist to get the latest announcement.
  • "celinux-dev" メーリングリストにこのイベント関係のアナウンスが流れます。ぜひ参加してください。

Introduction / はじめに

  • The Japan Technical Jamboree is a forum-wide technical meeting of the CE Workgroup of the Linux Foundation. This meeting will be located conveniently in Japan and use Japanese as the native language of the event.
  • A general guidance page is available. / 初めての方はこちらもお読みください。

Special remarks for non Japanese speakers

  • This page is Japanese/English bilingual. Please allow some contents on this page are not translated into English because of this event is Japan regional one, though we try to place English translation.
  • If you would like to perform your presentation in English, we also welcome you to join! We hope you to speak slowly without any complicated expressions. Most Japanese developers are capable to understand plain English.

Previous Jamboree

Hash tag on Twitter


Date and venue... / 日付・場所...


  • Date May 23rd, 2014
    • Starting at 10 am
  • At Nakano Sunplaza / 8F Training Room / 会場 中野サンプラザ / 8階・研修室
  • Admission: Free of charge / 参加費用: 無料
  • Not limited for CE Workgroup members. / CE Workgroup会員以外も参加・セッション持ち込み共に可能
  • Coordinators / 世話役 (Your inquiries in English welcome)
    • Hisao Munakata / 宗像尚郎 (hisao_dot_munakata_dot_vt(a)renesas_dot_com)
    • Satoru Ueda / 上田理 (Satoru_dot_Ueda(a)jp_dot_sony_dot_com)

Registration / 参加登録

  • No registration required / 参加登録は要りません。

Main Topics

  • It is just after the Kernel Summit and final Jamboree before ELC Europe.

Agenda / 進行

Special Remarks

  • 今回はいつもアメリカからSkypeで参加しているTim Birdさんは直接参加します。
  • さらにLTSIのメンテナーでありDevice DriverのメンテナーでもあるGreg K-Hさんも参加してくれる事になりました!


Time Title and presenter Notes

Presentation Materials

  • Opening / 連絡事項

How The Linux Kernel is Developed / LTSI Update (tentative)

  • Greg K-H, Hisao Munakata
11:30.. Lunch

The Paradox of Embedded and Open Source

  • Tim Bird

This is a repeat of Tim's keynote presentation from ELC. Can Linux be specialized for deeply embedded projects, as characterized by the Internet of Things, while still maintaining the network effects of community cooperation and sharing? Is this possible or even desirable?


Brief Introduction of CEWGhttp://www.elinux.org/File:


IPv6 Evaluation Report of LTSI-3.10

  • Teppei Asaba, Fujitsu



ARM 64bit has come!

  • Tetsuyuki Kobayashi

Reports the first impression of A64 instruction set and execute them using QEMU.


Android and 64 bit architecture (tentative)

  • Hidenori Yamaji, Sony Mobile

Using RT Preempt patch with LTSI-3.x


Evaluation of Real-time Property in Embedded Linux

  • Hiraku Toyooka, Hitachi

Review ELC 2014

  • Please be noted above time table is just a guideline and may be shifted. / 上記の時間割は目安です。かなり前後する可能性がありますので、あらかじめご承知おきください。

Special Remarks

  • Please place some detail descriptions about each presentation topics.
  • togetter

http://togetter.com/li/670814 (Japan Jamboree #48)

Ask for your help / お願い

Presentation Materials

  • We wish you to prepare the materials in English. / 出来るだけプレゼンテーション資料は英語で表記してください。絶対ではありませんが、日本語が理解できない方に対しての配慮が出来ればと思います。
  • Please leave your material in this wiki site after the event. / ジャンボリー終了後、プレゼンテーション資料はこのWikiに残してください。

English Translation Volunteer

  • If you can help the translation volunteer from Japanese to English, we would be very much appreciated! / 日本語を英訳していただくボランティアを大歓迎します!