Jetson/L4T/r32.4.x patches

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[GSTREAMER]Prebuilt lib for decoding YUV422 MJPEG through nvv4l2decoder
[MMAPI]Patch for multi-instance encoding
[MMAPI]Video encode when Frame rate greater than 60
[Graphics] Tearing when dual display cases
[Graphics] Some graphic apps don't work well in headless case (workaround)


[NX][Image Quality] nvodm pre-built binary which include some tuning parameters for Raspberry Pi v2 cameras (IMX219) as an example.
[nvarguscamerasrc] public release source code built the can not launch multiple cameras.
[nvarguscamerasrc] patch for fixing memory leak
[nvarguscamerasrc] RTSP fails in nvarguscamerasrc + nvcompositor
[argus_camera] fix user compile argus_camera application from the release sources causes segmentation fault (SIGSEGV)
[Xavier][RTCPU] debug RTCPU firmware for Jetson AGX Xavier on JetPack-4.3 and JetPack-4.4


[NVS] IIO Kernel Changes Break Common IIO Drivers


[sdcard] extend sdcard partition size
[TX2] Denver cores not working on TX2


[BackUp] Linux rsync utility to backup the root directory of a Jetson


[Xavier] USB3 Compliance failure


[TX2] fixes to burn odm_lock variable, update tegraparser_v2 for adding OdmLock fuse.
[Nano] nvtboot*.bin binaries to correct odmfuse issue, which fix the issue of burning PKC Disable accidently.


[TX2] TX2 ethernet performance drop in port2port usecase.