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(Entry expired 'March 2009')
(Entry expired 'March 2009', dead link)
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! style="width:100px" | Expires date
! style="width:100px" | Expires date
|- align="center"
|- align="center"
| '''novero GmbH''' <br>
Automotive communication and multimedia solutions
| Responsibilities:
    * Definition of novero-specific SW architecture
    * Low-level software development
    * Implementation of car bus protocols
    * Specification and implementation of UI and other applications
Required experiences:
    * Embedded Linux
    * Linux kernel driver development
    * Flash file systems
    * Booting, Power modes
    * Linux on target debugging
    * Remote debugging KGDB
    * Different HW platforms
| Bochum, Germany
| http://www.novero.com/careers_100002.asp
| Mar, 2009
|'''Sitecom Europe BV'''
|'''Sitecom Europe BV'''
|Sitecom is looking for an Embedded Linux Engineer, based in Rotterdam
|Sitecom is looking for an Embedded Linux Engineer, based in Rotterdam

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Embedded Linux Jobs List

Instructions for Employers

This page is intended to provide a place for people or companies to advertise their embedded Linux jobs or contract work. This could include contract work or fulltime employment.

Companies with Linux work are encouraged to provide their information in the table below so that Linux experts may contact them for jobs of interest. Please put an expiration date for the information, so we can remove information when it gets stale. Or even better, when the work is no longer available, please remove your entry from this table.

You can also see Experts registered at this site (if any).

Instructions for Experts

Please use the contact information below, if you are interested in the position or work being advertised.

You can also place your information on the Experts page.

The List

Name of offerer (Company) Position description Location Contact Info Expires date
Sitecom Europe BV Sitecom is looking for an Embedded Linux Engineer, based in Rotterdam

Your task will be the creation of applications on top of our current and future IP based devices, or even the development of complete firmware packages including the kernel and all other applications needed for such a project. You will keep in close contact with Asian Original Design Manufacturers and chipsetvendors. You will be accountable to the R&D manager and will work in close contact with 3 test & development engineers.

This is a new function inside our organization. Therefore you should be able to setup a moderate software development department. Including the negotiations about SDK's. You will be responsible for the the complete software traject.

- Independent
- Good communication skills
- No 9 to 5 mentality

- C
- extended knowledge about RFC1122, RFC2131 (IP based products)
- IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.11, IEEE 1394, USB, 3G
- Video & Audio Codecs and standards
- Compression Standards

- (Wireless) (ADSL) Routers
- (Wireless) NAS devices
- (Wireless) Media devices

Rotterdam The Netherlands http://www.sitecom.com

recruitment [at] sitecom [dot] com

may 2009