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| careers [at] linaro [dot] org
| careers [at] linaro [dot] org
| August 2012
| August 2012
| [http://www.mind.be/ Essensium/Mind]
| [http://www.mind.be/?page=jobs Senior Embedded Software Architects to work on challenging Linux and Open Source Software projects on Embedded Systems]
| [http://maps.google.com/maps/place?cid=13799131025244869837&q=essensium&hl=nl&cd=3&cad=src:pplink&ei=pKViS4yyL8vAjAf-jrQe&sig2=JlcFPiJJg4z_WS5Wu_TxZw Leuven (Belgium)]
| [mailto:contact@mind.be contact@mind.be]
| June 2011
| [http://bps.co.ee/ BPS]
| Estonian SME releasing new version of OMAP35xx-based miniature computer, SW integration requires completion, shorthanded on the embedded Linux side. Work from home but near enough to Tallinn to visit regularly.]
| Based in Tallinn, Estonia, EU
| [mailto:paul@bps.co.ee paul@bps.co.ee]
| August 2011
|| [http://free-electrons.com Free Electrons]
| Hiring experienced contributors to the embedded Linux and kernel development community. See [http://free-electrons.com/company/careers/kernel-embedded-linux-experts/]
| Home based in France
| jobs [at] free-electrons [dot] com
|June 2011
|| [http://www.pengutronix.de Pengutronix]
| We are searching for kernel developers for work on mainline Linux projects, and for Qt developers. See [http://www.pengutronix.de/jobs/ this page] for details.
| Based in [http://www.pengutronix.de/directions/index_de.html Hildesheim], Germany
| jobs [at] pengutronix [dot] de
|December 2011
|| [http://www.novero.com Novero]
| Novero is an automotive supplier. Our car connectivity products use ARM CPUs and software is build using Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Android. We are searching for embedded linux developers to work in this area. See [http://goo.gl/soOIo this pdf]/[[http://www.novero.com/#/about/careers/ this website] for details.
| Based in Bochum, Germany
| human.resources [at] novero [dot] com
|December 2011

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Embedded Linux Jobs List

Instructions for Employers

This page is intended to provide a place for people or companies to advertise their embedded Linux jobs or contract work. This could include contract work or fulltime employment.

Companies with Linux work are encouraged to provide their information in the table below so that Linux experts may contact them for jobs of interest. Please put an expiration date for the information, so we can remove information when it gets stale. Or even better, when the work is no longer available, please remove your entry from this table.

You can also see Experts registered at this site (if any).

Instructions for Experts

Please use the contact information below, if you are interested in the position or work being advertised.

You can also place your information on the Experts page.

The List

Name of offerer (Company) Position description Location Contact Info Expires date
Linaro Non-for-profit organization formed by key embedded industry players to improve Linux on ARM. Linaro engineers contribute to many upstream components of the embedded Linux ecosystem. Details Working from home anywhere in the world. Requires international travel 4 times a year. careers [at] linaro [dot] org August 2012