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Embedded Linux Jobs List

Instructions for Employers

This page is intended to provide a place for people or companies to advertise their embedded Linux jobs or contract work. This could include contract work or fulltime employment.

Companies with Linux work are encouraged to provide their information in the table below so that Linux experts may contact them for jobs of interest. Please put an expiration date for the information, so we can remove information when it gets stale. Or even better, when the work is no longer available, please remove your entry from this table.

You can also see Experts registered at this site (if any).

Instructions for Experts

Please use the contact information below, if you are interested in the position or work being advertised.

You can also place your information on the Experts page.

The List

Name of offerer (Company) Position description Location Contact Info Expires date
Embedded Bits Looking for talented embedded Linux engineers to work on our customers' real-world projects. Projects mostly entail getting Linux to work on new custom hardware and optimizing it. UK (Bristol) or Remote worker possible February 2015
Lead Test Automation Engineer at Timesys Are you a test automation developer with a passion in Test Automation Development? Join Timesys Corporation, US and grow with us.

Responsibilities include:

  • Working closely with developers and other test engineers to understand the BSP development process and develop
  • Developing, implementing, maintaining and code reviewing automated tests that provide feature and performance/scalability regression test coverage for new and existing BSP features
  • Implement, and execute test plans for new and existing features for a BSP such as Linux Test Project (LTP), POSIX testing, USB controller, SD/MMC controller, Touch screen controller, Clock Regime, DMA engines and I2C/SPI controllers, wireless networking, sensors, audio and video codecs, and 3D acceleration
  • Automation of test cases using C, PERL, Python, or other scripting languages
  • Monitoring and debugging automated test failures, and working closely with the development team to ensure problems are resolved in a timely manner
Chennai, India,,, April 2014
Embedded Linux Support Engineer at Timesys Responsibilities include:
  • Integrate, develop, and test features for Embedded Linux, such as: Boot-loaders
  • Kernel support for various SoCs and development kits
  • Kernel device drivers
  • User space applications
  • Integrate, debug and test development tools such as profilers, tracers, and debuggers
  • Resolve tool installation and configuration issues by recreating issues and remote diagnosis
  • Resolve customer issues escalated by support
  • Should handle quires related to build
  • Support Continuous Integration
Chennai, India March 2014
GNU Compiler Engineer with Mentor Graphics Embedded Division Port the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) and related tools (including the GNU Binary Utilities and the GNU Debugger) to new processors. As part of the Tools Services team, work with others to develop improvements to GCC and related tools to support new architectures, to generate superior code, and to add support for new processors. Portand or Bay Area or Remote worker possible September 2013
Mentor Graphics Technical Writing team The Technical Writer will create user documentation for our Embedded Software product division. As a technical writer, you will:• Participate in every level of documentation design and production, from gathering user feedback to producing final copy. • Learn the latest cutting-edge Embedded Software Design Tools. • Work closely with experienced and innovative software engineers. • Be part of a talented technical writing team supporting a rising-star product line in the company. Portand or Bay Area or Remote worker possible September 2013
Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division Reinforce our team and contribute to the creation and success of Mentor Graphics' software tools for embedded systems. We are seeking a systems programmer grade software engineer to work in an international team on the architecture, design and implementation of software tracing tools for debugging and analyzing embedded systems. Ideally, a candidate will have strong background in Linux operating system kernels for embedded and desktop usage, low level programming as well as embedded systems hardware and software design concepts. Useful experiences include familiarity with software tracing methodologies and with internals of the GNU Debugger. As our products also leverage and contribute cutting edge open source technology the engineering work might include collaboration with open source developers across the software ecosystem and on a broad range of platforms. This job will be within a small, highly-qualified team with multiple contacts to our international development sites. Strong analytical and interpersonal skills on a global scale, assertiveness as well as the ability to act independently are desirable.

The job profile also includes: •The enhancement and adaptation of tracing technologies as LTTng, SystemTap and GDB trace points •Tracking, influencing and contributing to open source projects that product capabilities may rely upon •Conveyance and explanation of concepts and design decisions to peer experts •Assessment of existing concepts and solutions regarding potential, performance and risks •Participation in reviews and/or inspections of designs, specifications, and code

Portand or Bay Area or Remote worker possible September 2013