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Welcome to the Networking Tech Zone for ELC 2013!!

This page is dedicated to preserving information and discussions about Linux Networking from the Embedded Linux Conference. You should think of this page like a "scratchpad" to record your thoughts and discussions from the conference. Most of us take notes at an event, at a talk that interests us, or after we learn something new and useful from another attendee. Here's a place to record those notes in public, so that not only you can access them after the event, but everyone else can as well.


What discussions did people have in the tech zone?

Problems and Issues

What issues do you have with "Networking"?

  • The transition to IPv6 has many gotchas. There is no simple way to support simultaneous stacks without making some significant changes to the user-space code. In addition, since the old gethostbyaddr, etc. calls are now deprecated, there is a new API that exhibits the potential for memory leaks if the developer isn't careful.

What are some possible solutions?

  • We need to focus on transitioning potentially millions of lines of networking code from IPv4 to IPv6. There may be some automagic ways to at lease identify those files that need attention. But, there needs to be a much more rigorous examination of the issues involved in the transition and how to ease developers into a new way of network addressing.

What's going on in the wider community to address these issues?

  • At this point, there's not a lot of extant IPv6 code. The community largely has its head in the sand. This cannot stand for much longer. IPv6 is not going to go away and the embedded space needs to be on the leading wave of this transition or face significant failures in the face of carrier deployment of CNAT444 devices.


Who at ELC is interested in "Networking"?

  • Mike Anderson, The PTR Group, Inc.

Presentation notes

What presentations at ELC, on the subject of "Networking" did people like? Why?

Put your notes about the "Networking" presentations from ELC here...