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OMAP 5912 Starter Kit

Osk.jpg Osk-back.jpg

OMAP5912 Starter Kit is a development board available from Spectrum Digital for $US295. It does not include a display but there is a Q-VGA LCD Module (below) and a Wire Wrap Prototyping Module

LCD Modules

Q-VGA from Mistral

Qvga.jpg Qvga-back.jpg

Mistral Software Q-VGA LCD Module for OMAP5912 Starter Kit.

Note: a hardware modification is required to use the wakeup button.

Aditec Graphic LCD Module(AGLM)

Aditec Graphic LCD Module (AGLM)

From the website:

  • CMOS Sensor Input, LCD Output
  • Touch Screen, Navigation Switch
  • Camera Input(2 Channel), TV Output


The Angstrom distribution provides a replacement kernel and root file system for the OSK, based on the 2.6 kernel.


Instructions for flashing these files:


Please report bugs to: http://bugs.openembedded.org/ and include omap5912osk in the bug report.

Contact philip at balister dot org with questions.


Hardware Features

  • Texas Instruments TMS320C55xx DSP core operating at 192 Mhz.
  • ARM926EJ-S core operating at 192 Mhz.
  • TLV320AIC23 codec with mic-in, line-in, and headphone jacks
  • 32 Mbyte mobile DDR RAM
  • 32 Mbyte on board NOR Flash ROM
  • 4 Expansion connectors (bottom side)
    • Compatible with Mistral's Q-VGA LCD/touchscreen card
    • Compatible with Spectrum Digital's OSK wire Wrap Prototype Card
  • RS-232 serial port
  • 10 MBPS Ethernet port
  • USB host port (usable as peripheral, with nonstandard cabling)
  • CompactFlash socket (type I or II), for storage ONLY (no WLAN etc)
  • On board IEEE 1149.1 JTAG connector for optional emulation
  • +5 Volt operation, power supply included
  • Size: 5.55" x 3.54" (141 x 90 mm), 0.062 thick, 8 layers

Software Features

  • Compatible with Monta Vista Linux for OSK5912
  • Compatible with OMAP Code Composer Studio from Texas Instruments
  • Runs Linux 2.6 quite nicely
    • Current development is focused on the 2.6 kernels
    • Note that you should first install u-boot-1.1.2.

What's Included

  • OMAP5912 OSK board
  • Monta Vista Linux 2.4 for OMAP5912 OSK
  • Documentation CD
  • RS-232 cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • Audio cable
  • AC Power cord(s) and Power supply
  • Quick Start Guide

Flash Recovery Utility


This section tries to summarize various HOWTOs and FAQs existing for OMAP Linux and/or OSK.

TODO list

  • Flash Recovery Utility (FRU) available above is uses an undocumented usb interface and is only for windows
    • Zach Welch wants the protocol specs so a scriptable version can be created for Linux
    • GPL'd OMAP Flash Loader listed above duplicates the protocol, but does not document it.
  • u-boot sources with correct arch number (515 as listed on http://www.arm.linux.org.uk/developer/machines/) should be available from http://u-boot.sourceforge.net; or use u-boot 1.1.1 with Media:u-boot-1.1.1-osk.diff
  • OE should build complete flash image
  • uClibc rootfs should be available
  • find/post patch info for 2.4 (2.6 is listed above)
  • Tim Riker thinks it would be nice to have a uclibc/tuxscreen style buildroot too. ;))