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This page contains demos for RCCF2020.

Request for adding demo

If you have demo which runs on R-Car/RH850, you can add it into list in this page freely.

Note Note: Don't infringe copyrights.

Before you post, Please read below:

How to add your demo in list

Registration and Login is required for editing.
Please registration from Special:RequestAccount.
Login from Special:UserLogin, then Edit from Automotive Seminar with R-Car Consortium&action=edit here.
Please upload thumbnail image from Special:Upload.

Edit this page, and insert your demo into bottom of the list.
You can use below template.

=== Demo title ===
[[File:thumbnail_image_filename | x200 px | image caption | link=https://xxxxxxxx ]]
* Description
** Short description about demo
* Device
** Your device used in demo
** ex.) R-Car Starter Kit Pro/Premier
* Link
** Video: [https://xxxxxxxxxxxxx link name]
** Image: [https://xxxxxxxxxxxxx link name]
** Build: [https://xxxxxxxxxxxxx link name]
** etc.



  • Description
    • Write description about this demo
  • device
    • R-Car Starter Kit Premier
  • Link
<!-- Source code -->
[[File:R-Car-H3-topview.jpg | x200 px | caption | link=https://elinux.org/File:R-Car-H3-topview.jpg]]
* Description
** Write description about this demo
* device
** R-Car Starter Kit Premier
* Link
** Video: [https://elinux.org/R-Car/Boards/H3SK dummy link]

Demo List

Secure Automotive Connectivity Platform

  • Description
    • Component-based ready-to-use Automotive gateway
  • Device
    • R-Car H3 with Kingfisher infotainment board
  • Link

R-Car Virtual Platform on VLAB from VLAB works

  • Description
    • VLAB is a suite that User allows to utilize virtualization into the embedded product development process.
    • A VLAB Virtual Platform is a collection of virtual components configured to represent an embedded system that supports development, debug, and test.
    • R-Car Virtual Platform is provided the Renesas R-Car V3M SoC for Automotive Information Terminal Applications.
    • Under Yocto, User can start to develop a embedded software in begining of the development phase.
    • the IMR-LX4 model is integrated, User can analysis and optimize a OpenGL application.
  • Device
    • R-Car V3M SoC with Yocto Example
    • R-Car H3
    • RH850 G4(E2X, U2A), G3(C1x, E1x, F1x, P1x)
  • Link