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peek 0x00590000
peek 0x00590000
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Latest revision as of 14:52, 10 February 2008

Note: This assumes that you use the default locations for the jtag tools 0.6 install (HEAD from cvs). Please adjust your paths accordingly

Add Support for the Juicebox


here is a [attachment:jtag-jb.diff patch] against the 0.5.1 release. it would be nice if someone made the changes against the cvs repo head and submit it to the openwince folks. There's been some version slippage, and you'll need v0.3.2 of the OpenWinCE Includes to compile jtag 0.5.1.


here is an [attachment:jtag-jb-cvs-alpha.diff alpha patch] against version 0.6 (cvs head). please try this out and post/fix issues you see with it.

* Install OpenWinCE Includes
* Get the latest code from cvs
* Apply the patch
* Run "autogen.sh"
* make && make install

Get the latest Jtag Tools from the OpenWinCE project CVS Repo - http://openwince.sourceforge.net/jtag/

Manually Add Support

Note: This is by far the least desirable method

Using the attached BSDL on ["JuiceBoxJTAG"] file you can create the necessary files for jtag tools using the included bsdl2jtag.

#Convert the BSDL file by piping in the
#bsdl file and piping the stdout to a file
bsdl2jtag < s3c44b0x.bsdl > 0001
#Modify the MANUFACTURERS file
echo 11110000111 juicebox juicebox >> /usr/local/share/jtag/MANUFACTURERS
#Create the juicebox device
mkdir -p /usr/local/share/jtag/juicebox/s3c44b0x
mv 0001 /usr/local/share/jtag/juicebox/s3c44b0x/
echo 1111000011110000 s3c44b0x S3C44B0X > /usr/local/share/jtag/juicebox/PARTS
echo 0001 0001 0001 > /usr/local/share/jtag/juicebox/s3c44b0x/STEPPINGS

I am having issues doing anything useful since I do not have the correct bus driver, or don't know which to use. If you are using jtag tools with the juicebox please post some details on the bus driver.

Using Jtag Tools

You can now start jtag tools (/usr/local/bin/jtag) and detect the device

This example uses a Xilinx Parallel Cable III (Model DLC5)

jtag> cable parallel 0x378 DLC5
jtag> detect
jtag> print chain

Print out the current pin values

jtag> instruction SAMPLE/PRELOAD
jtag> shift ir
jtag> shift dr
jtag> dr

Initialize the Bus (to peek/poke/copy memory and the other good stuff) and ID the cart

jtag> initbus s3c44b0x
*no cart*
jtag> peek 0x00590000
bus_read(0x00590000) = 0x0000CE0C (52748)
*video cart*
jtag> peek 0x00590000
bus_read(0x00590000) = 0x00001880 (6272)

Note: Here I am assuming that the cart id is only 32 bits but I don't know that to be the case

Useful Scripts for Jtag Tools

This script will set up a Xilinx Parallel Cable III (DLC5), detect the juicebox, print out the jtag chain, and initialize the juicebox jtag driver. The help screen is just to show you what other commands are available.


cable parallel 0x378 DLC5
initbus s3c44b0x

This script is kinda useless but I wanted to show that you can call one script from another. This probably can be done with "include" as well but I haven't that command yet. id_cart

script /home/antics/jb/init
peek 0x00590000