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The [WandBoard] is a very low-cost development platform based on the Freescale i.MX6 processor.


There are currently two versions of WandBoard, "Solo" and "Dual". The WandBoard itself is a System-On-Module of the EDM standard that comes with a matching motherboard. The motherboard is quite trivial and is the same for both versions of the WandBoard.

WandBoard front.jpg WandBoard back.jpg

EDM module

  • Freescale i.MX6 CPU (ARM Cortex A9)
    • i.MX6 Solo (single core) on "Solo" version
    • i.MX6 Dual Lite (dual core) on "Dual" version
    • Vivante GPU:
      • 3D core: GC880 @ @ 533MHz, 1 shader core 4.8 GFLOPS
      • 2D core: GC320 composition engine
  • DDR3 RAM
    • 512 MB on "Solo" version (two 2Gbit chips)
    • 1 Gigabyte on "Dual" version (four 2Gbit chips)
  • MicroSD card slot (bootable, at SD3 of the CPU)
  • AR8031 Gigabit LAN
  • BCM4329 Wi-Fi+Bluetooth (at SD2, UART3, AUD5; unpopulated on "Solo" version)
  • Flat cable connector for camera (CSI, I2C2, GPIO)
  • Power circuit (5V input)


  • Gigabit LAN connector
  • HDMI connector
  • USB host connector (USB3 for future use but currently in USB2 mode only)
  • USB OTG connector
  • MicroSD card slot (at SD1)
  • UART DB9 connector (at UART1 via ADM3202)
  • Audio I/O (at AUD3 via SGTL5000) and SPDIF (3.5mm jacks and optical)
  • 5VDC power barrel connector
  • SATA connector (probably unpopulated, reserved for future use; no SATA on i.MX6 Solo and Dual Lite)
  • Four 1.27mm 2x10 expansion headers:
    • LVDS0 (4 signal pairs + clock), +3V3
    • Flat panel display data lines (24 bit total); no power or GND at this header
    • Rest of FPD data lines, FPD control lines, +3V3, three I2C interfaces
    • One SPI (with two CS), 8 GPIO lines, +5V


As of Jan 17, 2013 preorder only. Prices are 69 USD for Solo and 89 USD for Dual. First boards seem to be shipped to partner developers.